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Risks of Spreading Disease

The ease with which disease can be spread is always a real concern.  At present Australian made lures are not treated and have a real potential of spreading diseases such as Hydatid, Neosproum Caninum, tape worms and other pathogenes.


Hydatid – is a  parasite carried by dogs in the bowel, which is spread to sheep and to people.  The parasites form slowly enlarging fluid-filled cysts, the eggs can lie dormant for months on end, still easily transferred.  See the image.


Neosproum Caninum –  is a coccidian parasite, which causes miscarriage in cattle. The parasite is spread when cattle are eating infected material and spread through contaminated feces.



When using Australian Made Lures and even home made recipes, there needs to be awareness that using any ingredients from Wild dogs or even relocating feces from one area to another can and will spread disease further.

Any Lures that are imported from Overseas must be treated according to the Australian Government Regulations to avoid the spread of any foreign diseases as well.  All of the Lures and Urines that we import are done so under the strict guidelines of our import permit and treated appropriately, so they are safe to use.


If by chance you import any lures or urine that are not treated, you are risking spreading diseases that may not currently be in Australia.

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