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Wolf-Eyes Seal LED Torch

Wolf-Eyes Seal LED Torch


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Wolf-Eyes Seal LED Torch

The Wolf-Eyes Seal LED Torch has been designed from the ground up to be the best possible torch produced for the man on the land or those who like to control ferals or the general torch user who needs distance.

The huge 83mm aspheric LED head, can reach out to 500 meters so you can see those foxes and wild dogs or check on the front gate or sheds. If you have a vermin or security problem, this is the torch head for you. Also there is the smaller 50mm reflector LED torch head, giving a nice spot surrounded by flood out to 150 metres, great for rabbits or pigs in the Lignum, or just for using as a general torch.

The focusing on the Wolf-Eyes Seal LED torch is adjusted by rotary screwing, which combined with a spring at each end in the battery compartment, means this LED torch can withstand heavy calibres. The large size and fine focussing capability of this torch head means it is even possible to focus for a slightly wider and shorter beam, something rarely effectively possible or recommended with aspheric lenses on LED torches (we still prefer it at the finest setting when mounted on a scope). One of the huge advantages of the aspheric head if you use your Seal for spotting animals is that the light fills the viewfinder of your scope but isn’t so broad – like a reflector lens which provides spot surrounded by flood like below – to disturb any surrounding animals. Very handy.

The smaller 50mm deep set mirror reflector LED head provides a perfect combination of spot and flood light (in comparison to the aspheric head above which is all spot) out to about 150 metres.

The small reflector head of the Wolf-Eyes Seal LED Torch has been updated and this is now the model found in all the stores in Australia.

Wolf-Eyes torches are built with pride to last. The whole torch body is low temperature (-20o C) Hard Anodized in tactical black for a non reflective durable finish.

The Wolf-Eyes Seal LED Torch uses the same LRB168P (18650) lithium ion protected batteries as the rest of the Wolf-Eyes LED torch and headlamp range, meaning you can share the batteries between your torches and headlamps. Due to the lithium ion batteries good output only one is required. These are protected batteries, meaning there is a computer protection chip built into the battery, which controls charging, discharging and most importantly over discharging. Being rechargeable means low running costs for you. Two disposable CR123A batteries will also power your Wolf-Eyes Seal LED Torch

The photo showing the Wolf-Eyes Seal LED Torch inside an ice cube shows how well this torch handles cold conditions.

The provided Wolf-Eyes Seal LED Torch charger is Australian approved which means it is safe and legal for you to use but also means all your farm, building, home, etc insurances apply.

Wolf-Eyes torches are used by police and military.

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