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Victor #1 3/4 Foot Trap




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    The Victor #1 3/4 foot trap have Victor trade mark soft catch technology. Making them stand out from the crowd. Somehow while being the softest catch trap they are on of the quickest foot trap.

    Victor Soft Catch Rubber jaw traps are designed to ensure the animal is not injured when captured. An extensive range of tests can back up that victor traps have one of the softest jaw impacts on the market.

    • Victor # 1 3/4 foot traps, 2 coils are suitable for cats, and small – medium size mammals.
    • Victor # 1 3/4 foot traps, 4 coils are suitable for cats and foxes.

    If you are looking to catch larger animals such as feral dogs, the Victor 3 is suitable for you, due to the Victor 3’s larger size it has a stronger hold.

    ** Please note that you can add a Jake Chain Rig to your trap/s. It is not standard with Victor traps.  If you would like a Jake Chain Rig attached please purchase one/s with the link below. The chains will be attached to your trap, thank you.**

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