Tru-Catch Collapsible Dog Trap 48F

Tru-Catch Collapsible Dog Trap 48F


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The Tru Catch 48F Collapsible Dog Trap is a one piece trap that folds inside itself for easy storage and transportation, it has a heavy duty carrying handle and optional wheel kits are available.

The 48F Tru-Catch Collapsible Dog Trap is a good example of quality American trapping products.  When set up, the four spring-loaded locks secure the corners for strong, sturdy trap. Can be set up and folded in less than 3 minutes.

  • Construction: 6 mm Frame, 12 gauge 50 mm x 25 mm Welded Wire.
  • Unique self-locking, positive-catch door lock
  • Animal cannot back out once trip is activated
  • High-tempered locking rings on door catch
  • Powder-coated brown finish for low visibility and long life.
  • Very good for domestic animals
  • Lay-down, heavy-duty handle
  • Steel frame featuring machine-made framing.
  • High-tempered locking rings on door catch.
  • Extra heavy-duty, variable trigger setting mechanism.
  • Turn trap upside down and door will automatically open for release.
  • Easy to camouflage, set and chain and lock to a stationary object.
  • Ideal for transporting animals.
  • Durable for stacking, shipping, and storage.

Suit: Large dogs (German Sheperd size) and wombats.


Assembled – 1220 mm x 500 mm x 650 mm

Collapsed – 1220 mm x 510 mm x 150 mm Folde

  • Please note the 48F is recommended for domesticated animals, however Foot traps would be more suitable for catching Wild Dogs – See our extensive range of foot traps in our Foot Trap Category.


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