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Super Cat / Bush Turkey trap

Super Cat / Bush Turkey Trap CSD440

Super Cat / Bush Turkey Trap CSD440


Quality Australian made traps, built to last!

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The Super Cat & Bush Turkey Cage Trap is the scaled up version of our CSD310. These traps are designed for larger wary cats & Bush turkeys. Our traps are rigid welded together and apply reinforcements to ensure you’re getting the strongest.

The trap operate by a foot pedal trigger, at the rear end of the trap. Simply place the bait at the end of the trap, once the cat or turkey enters the trap door slams shut. After the door shuts a locking mechanism flips into place to prevent escape.

Available options:

  • Fixed mesh rear door
  • removable mesh rear door
  • removable rear clear panel
  • Mirror available
  • Dims: 83 x 44 x 40cm

Bait is recommendation for cats and mirrors for turkeys. The mirror inside the trap provokes a territorial reaction from the turkey to run at its reflection. This is a great advantage to use in order to get the turkey in the trap quick and easy. Place the mirror on the outside of the trap so once it is caught it is easy to remove and calm the bird.

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