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Strike Force Timer Tripod Feeder

Strike Force Timer Tripod Feeder – 36 Gallon

Strike Force Timer Tripod Feeder – 36 Gallon


Due to the volume of feeder a commercial address is required for delivery or TNT depot pick. (Call for more information)

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The Strike Force Tripod Feeder system is suitable for professionals and enthusiasts seeking quality products. It comes with the feeder timer head but not the battery to run it.

(For more information on the feeder head visit the product in the feeder head category.)

The large heavy-duty hopper holds a maximum of up to 108kg of feed at one given time.

It’s 3 sturdy metal legs provide a strong, stable base for the hopper.

The specially designed funnel hopper, ensures all feed is cleanly delivered to the Strike Force Programmable Feeder head. This prevents feed from the previous batch sitting in the feeder and contaminating your fresh feed.

The Strike Force Feeder Head is easily programmable to initiate up to 6 feeds per day of up to 20 seconds per feed.

Worrying about the amount of charge left in your battery is a problem of the past, thanks to the new built in battery level indicator.

To make your feeder last longer, strike force has a solar panel sold separately.

Checking your feed distribution pattern is easy to check via the feature test mode.

Thanks to the Twist-Tight mounting system it provides an easy and reliable assembly.

The head of the Tripod requires a 6 Volt battery, it is NOT included with the product

For more information on the Strike Force Tripod Feeder get in contact with us today!

  • 108kg Feed Capacity
  • Robust Feed Hopper
  • Heavy Duty Steel Leg Sections
  • Programmable Feeder Head is capable of feeds up to 6 times per day for 20 seconds
  • Feed Amount adjust-ability per cycle
  • Battery charge indicator
  • protective Varmint Guard built into feeder
  • Spinning metal plate feed dispenser
  • 6-volt Lantern style battery (not included)

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