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Snake Bagger

Snake Bagger

Snake Bagger

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The Snake Bagger is a 36″ Triangular aluminium frame made from aircraft grade aluminium. With a strong comfortable handle, and all parts are anodized for a quality finish. This product makes a safe capture or relocation much easier. combine the snake bagger with a snake tong or hook for the safest catch both for you and the animal. Getting the reptile into a bag while hang to open it with your hand can be quite the challenge not to get bitten. That’s why this product is such a necessity it cuts down the chance of getting bitten dramatically.

This device can be used solo or with someone else. If you aren’t the most confident in handling both the snake hook and bagger. It is best to have someone assist you.

Features two safety snap locks on bag frame for quick release.

Calico bag is approximately one meter in length. This accommodates to the large and small snakes, due to what you can come across in the wild. A larger bag comes at an advantage, it allows you to spin the bag around while the snake is in the bottom.

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