Wildlife Acoustics SM4BAT ZC Zero Cross Ultrasonic Recorder

Wildlife Acoustics SM4BAT ZC Zero Cross Ultrasonic Recorder


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Wildlife Acoustics SM4BAT ZC Zero Cross Ultrasonic Recorder

Song Meter SM4BAT ZC Zero Crossing Ultrasonic Recorder (microphone not included, need to order SMM-U1/U2)

The SM4BAT ZC is a zero-crossing, lower-cost alternative to the SM4BAT FS. Zero-crossing bat recorders detect fewer bats than full spectrum bat recorders, but are well suited for applications that require very low power consumption and high storage for extended deployments.

The SM4BAT uses a New Generation SMM-U2 Ultrasonic Microphone (not included) https://traps.com.au/product/new-generation-ultrasonic-microphone/

The SM4BAT’s intelligent recording triggers and noise file scrubber ensure you get the maximum number of bat echolocations recorded and minimize recordings that do not contain bat echolocations. The SMM-U2 along with the SM4BAT and its advanced trigger technology produce the cleanest and quietest recordings available.

The compact weatherproof casing has been designed from the ground up around the footprint of 4 D-size batteries and made of rugged polycarbonate. The housing is lightweight, it has an integrated mounting bracket and weatherproof security cover keep the unit safe and dry in the most harsh environments.

The SM4BAT is ideal for Extended Deployment, the low power microprocessor and intelligent triggers, utilising 4D size batteries,it has a recording run time up to 450 hours (e.g. 45 x 10-hour nights) depending on bat activity and other factors.

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Available GPS Accessory

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