ScoutGuard MG983G-30M

ScoutGuard MG983G-30M



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ScoutGuard MG983G-30M

ScoutGuard MG983G-30M 2-Way Communication MMS GPRS Trail Camera

If you are after a high end professional remote control surveillance camera for monitoring your unattended property where the night flash will not disclose the existence of the camera, this is the camera for you.

ScoutGuard BolyGuard MG983G-30M 2-way SMS Black IR Camera – with upgrade G-module works on Telstra and other network carriers.

We are proud to present the first ever 30 Megapixel camera. For the first time in Australia, we now have a 3G Certified MMS/SMS Camera with 30M . This is an upgrade from the popular older model MG983G-12m.

With high end 2-way communications and 1080P Full HD videos with sound trail camera for security and hunting.

This camera is the ultimate when it comes to two-way SMS messaging communication (MMS/SMS/GPRS). Multifaceted in its build, the ScoutGuard 3G Pro boasts a remote SMS controlled camera, 1080P Full HD video resolution, Black Zero-Glow infrared technology, sound broadcast, built in 3 inch colour LCD display, real time sound transmission and so much more.

You can even turn ON/OFF the ScoutGuard camera using your mobile remotely, take “on the spot pictures” and tell the camera to send you photos on the spot. Any of these commands can easily be completed by your mobile from kilometres away. All it takes is a simple SMS or you can download (for free), the ScoutGuard iPhone or Android app to achieve the same outcome.

Please note: This certified 3G model runs on the 3G network in Australia.

PLEASE NOTE: This 2018 model has been tested by ScoutGuard manufacturer (Bolymedia) and by our Aussie technicians and the camera is upgraded with latest G-Module mobile module – G-Module cameras are far superior in performance than previous models with e-Module.

Works on 3G network with Mobile module: G-Module
30 Megapixel image resolution and 1080P full HD videos with sound
Up to 64GB SD card
High end 2-way communications
Black IR invisible at night
Active real time “on-the-spot” picture retrieval
MMS/GPRS to your mobile phone or emails
Sound broadcast for game call
Super long detection range: up to 30 metres
Built-in 3 inch colour LCD display to view photos and videos
Supports mult-language
FREE iPhone App or Android App
Water resistant
Boly aspherical large Aperture (F2.4) lens


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