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16GB Delkin SD Card Included


SIM Card not included

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 The Phantom 3.0CG 3G Cellular Camera is full covert, black flash camera with a trigger speed of 0.4/ second.


  • 0.4 Second Trigger Speed

  • Standard Lens 52 Degrees Field of View, 52 Degrees PIR angle

  • 12MP / 1080P @ 30 frames per second

  • Programmable 5 / 8/ 12 MP high quality resolution

  • 56 Invisible IR LEDS – offers 20 meters flash range

  • Colour photos by day / black & White by night

  • Multi shot 1-5 shots per trigger – 1 photo burst per second

  • Multiple functions: delay between motions, time lapse, adjustable PIR, Audio recording, stamp of camera ID, date & time, Temperature, moon phase on photos

  • Operating Temperature -25 degs C to 60 degs C

  • Built in 2” TFT colour screen

  • MMS > 3G . SMTP / FTP functions, camera can transmit photos 1 -2 preset mobiles and 1 – 2 emails per trigger

  • SMS various remote configurations

  • SMS to enable camera to shoot a photo and send back instantly

  • Supports most 2G & 3G SIM cards

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