Moultrie Panoramic P-180i Trail Camera

Moultrie Panoramic P-180i Trail Camera


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Moultrie Panoramic P-180i Trail Camera

Introducing the Moultrie Panoramic P-180i Trail Camera.

It has Invisible infrared illumination (108 Invisible LEDs), Moultrie’s no glow LED technology for undetectable night time image capture. With no moving parts, the Panoramic P-180i provides absolutely silent operation with 3 fixed position lenses and a 15 meter detection range.

The Panoramic 180i is able to take photos and full HD video by simply switching between the 3 lenses, to wherever motion is detected to deliver a full 180-degree field of view, silently. Alternatively, select single image mode to capture an image from whatever zone motion is detected.   It’s like having 3 cameras in one!  Case has Mossy Oak Country camo.


  • Resolution: 14.0 MP
  • Trigger speed: less than 0.4 seconds
  • Detection Range 15 meters
  • Flash range: 21 meters
  • Flash Invisible – infrared (940 nm)
  • Full HD video: 1080px
  • Display:  16X2 TN w/Orange Backlight
  • Multshot:  3 Triggered / 3 Burst
  • Picture Delay: 5/10/30 s; 1/5/10/30 m
  • Aspect Ratio:  16:9
  • Photo Resolution Adustable:  2MP: 1920 x 1080; 4MP: 2688 x 1512; 8MP: 3840 x 2160; 14MP: 4992 x 2808
  • SD Card:  32GB Max
  • Power Port for external power options
  • Operates on 12 AA alkaline or lithium batteries (not included)
  • 15,000 images on one set of quality batteries
  • Micro USB conection
  • Photo Infostrip – (optional) imprint images with date, time, moon phase, temperature, pressure and camera name
  • Loop Recording
  • Warranty:  2 year Manufacturer’s
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