Ketch All Pole – 5 foot

Ketch All Pole – 5 foot


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The Ketch All pole has been designed and manufactured in the USA since 1952 by  the Ketch All Company and are used by animal handlers and professionals worldwide. The pole is famous for it’s versatility, up a tree, under a building or in a storm drain, the animal can easily be rescued with a Ketch All pole.  It may be used as a heavy duty restraining device. Perfect to use when you have to handle and aggressive animal, keep them at a safe distance.

All Ketch All pole is made from Aircraft grade aluminum and precision machined aluminum parts.  Replacement cables and parts are also available.

The 5 foot Ketch Pole is available in the standard as well as a New Ketch and Release pole.

The New Ketch and Release pole has an added unique emergency release feature, a simple lift and slide of the knob allows the cable loop to drop away.   Ketch-All has their essential swivel head mechanism, now redesigned for emergency release and quick, easy reattachment of the cable, making the Ketch & Release All Pole unlike any other on the market .  All Ketch All poles incorporate the swivel head mechanism. See photo attached to see how it operates.

Other models available are 28 Inch, 3ft, 4ft Standard and Quick Release, also 4-6 ft and 7-12 ft extension.






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