Ketch All Pole – 4/6ft Extension

Ketch All Pole – 4/6ft Extension


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Ketch All Pole – 4/6ft Extension

The Ketch All poles have been designed and manufactured in the USA since 1952 by the Ketch All Company and is used by animal control professionals worldwide.  The pole is famous for it’s versatility, up a tree, under a building or in a storm drain, the animal can easily be rescued with a Ketch All pole.   Also great to use as a heavy duty restraining device.  Perfect to use when you have to handle and aggressive animal, keep them at a safe distance.

This size of Ketch all pole is quite popular for most animal catching jobs as you can choose how far away you want to position yourself from the dog, cat, fox or pig your catching. This animal catcher can be used for just about any animal you can slip the noose onto, ranging from wild/feral animals such as dogs, cats, foxes and pigs to live stock such as sheep and cattle, etc or even kangaroos. This animal catcher pole will suit all of your animal restraint or rescue needs, as you can choose your distance from the animal.

All Ketch All poles are made from Aircraft grade aluminum and precision machined aluminum parts.

The Ketch All 4/6ft Extension poles is easily adjusts between 4 to 6 foot in length.

Ketch & Release Pole for quick release version is now available, see Ketch All Ketch & Release Poles.

Replacement cables and parts are also available.

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