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Extendable Snake Hook


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    Tomahawk’s small extendable snake hook (320S). This hook extends from 50cm to 77cm. It is made from Aluminium Super Tube which gives it a greater strength to hold snakes on the larger side without bending. The length is quickly and easily adjustable through a turn collar in the middle of the snake hook. It allows you to select the perfect length to stay at a distance from the reptile or collapse it for storage.

    The hook end is made from 9/32″ stainless steel for extra durability with a 3 ½” opening. It is covered with latex tubing to help keep snakes comfortable while being handled.

    Whereas a metal end could either burn the snake from sitting in the sun. The hook comes with a neoprene grip on the handlers end for more comfort while controling the hook. This durable, heavy duty, yet light weight hook is built to last a lifetime. Sometimes snake hooks can either be too long or too short depending on the snake you come across. This takes the issue out of being ill equipped for the unpredictable sizes of snakes.

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