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Day 6 Plotwatcher Pro

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The Day 6 Plotwatcher Pro is a Timelapse camera, perfect for watching your target area or even a building project.  It comes standard with a 54 Deg lens.


It has easy to use programming, is very user friendly and with a 2.5″ screen programming and setup is a breeze.


The camera can take up to 1,000,000 photos and lasts up to 4 months on one set of 8 AA batteries giving it the best battery life of any time-lapse camera currently available and between 40 and 100 times more photos than a traditional trail camera.   The PlotWatcher Pro does not have a flash unit, hence the long battery life, however it can be programmed to operate 24 hours.  As it is not motion activated it will take photos as programmed capturing the whole area not just when it is triggered.  During night time hours it will provide surveillance photos of possible alternate light sources such as torches, car headlights, etc.


The PlotWatcher Pro has the fastest picture interval on the market, as fast as one second between images if required.  The files are saved straight to video for fast and hassle-free viewing compared to other “time-lapse“ cameras save files as individual images that are difficult to manage. When downloaded the photos are automatically loaded into the PlotWatcher Pro software to produce a high definition video.


GameFinder video player software allows you to review your daily shots in forward or reverse, at your choice of speed, or even scroll frame by frame for detailed review.  Also save seperate images when required.  Speed up the review process using the Motion Search feature to skip to the next frame in which motion is observed.  GameFinder software also allows you to easily build and share your own library of HD video clips and pictures. Download GameFinder software now and try it out.  Also compatible with Mac.


Accessories (Additional):

* Dual lens kit consisting of;  1 x Telephoto lens at 2 times zone and 1 x Wide angle lens (110 deg).  Simply unscrew the existing lens and screw on one of the additional lenses.

* Metal security box


We are the sole Australian distributor and offer twelve months replacement warranty any issues arise.


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