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CSD310_440_S2481 Cat Trap

Cat Trap CSD310 – Australian Made Domestic Cat Trap

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Our Cat Trap CSD310 – Australian Made Domestic Cat Trap is without a doubt Australia’s most effective, long lasting cat traps.

Our Cat trap operates with a simple foot paddle mechanism. The cat enters the trap, goes to the bait, activates the foot paddle and the door closes quickly behind them.

We manufacture this Cat Trap in our factory from Australian Galvanized mesh, therefore individual modifications can be carried out if required, please contact us directly!

Our Cat Trap is used extensively by Councils throughout Australia for the trapping and control of domestic, feral and stray cats. It is extremely long lasting, some traps have been in operation with Councils for over 13 years.

The Cat Trap dimensions are 72 x 32 x 31 cm and it weighs approximately 5kgs.


Options are available:

  • Standard fixed rear door.

  • Removable rear mesh door.

  • Removable rear clear panel.

The Removable Rear Door options are used for easy removal / transfer of the cat.

Please note this is a rigid cat trap, not collapsible, made from quality materials, therefore built to last!

1 review for Cat Trap CSD310 – Australian Made Domestic Cat Trap

  1. pzamuner@gmail.com
    5 out of 5


    I had never trapped before and for the first trap I bought I went simply for a cheaper one off ebay. The first cat I caught escaped because it was able to push the back door off. After fixing the rear door the next cat I caught got out by pushing the trap door open enough so it could squeeze out. It was a collapsible type and obviously no good.
    I needed a better trap so searched the net and found traps.com.au. I wasn’t sure which trap to buy so I called. I was greeted by very friendly service and advised to buy the Australian Made Domestic Cat Trap. The trap was despatched that day and arrived 2 days later via courier. Now that’s quick service.
    When the trap arrived I saw it was exactly as the salesman made it out to be; No cat was going to escape this time. Very sturdy cage built to last. The rear door is vertically opening and perfect for exchanging the cat at the RSPCA. The trap is easy to set and has just the right amount of weight needed to trigger.
    I highly recommend both the trap and Professional Trapping Supplies.

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