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Cat Caller

The Cat Caller is an electronic caller with multiple different cat calls and 7 different volume options. This device is straight forward to operate, the black button changes calls and the red button changes volume.

The cat caller uses 4 x AA batteries or you could use a 6 volt battery, 4 x AA’s last about 8 to 10 days to temps of 32 degrees, 6 volts will last 2 to 3 weeks to same temperatures. Unit is very weather resistant but intense moisture content should be avoided.

Twist off cap with black plug on it. You will see 3 switches, one rocker, one push button black, one
push button red.

You select sound by pushing the black button while unit is sounding, each time the button is used
the sound will change. Be sure the photo cell is covered for unit to sound. After selection, do not
push the button again until you wish a change. This sound will play until power is shut off or you
change it. Unit will sound first about 15 seconds, then will move into the 30 second delay cycle.
Selection will need to be made again after power shut off, the unit defaults to the first sound when
off. Sounds play between 6 to 8 seconds on the regular units.

The red button is for adjusting the volume. You have 7 degrees of movement, usually the unit
arrives full volume. Each push of the button changes the volume until it moves back the other
way. Usually you will need to hear the sound twice to move thru all sounds sets.

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