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C5.5 (Covert Antenna)


Compatible with Reconyx & Spromise cameras

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Country of origin Australia
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    The C5.5 Trail Camera Antenna is a small discreet antenna with a high bandwidth and signal strength. Cellular cameras can be difficult to covertly conceal with the manufacturers antennas being fixed to the cameras. Some antennas made by the manufacturer can make the camera stand out while on a tree. Trail cameras are usually already at a disadvantage when it comes to camouflage, due to their larger size. As well as their rigid body. Generally cellular cameras are larger then other trail cameras. Since they need more chip and mother boards for the cellular capabilities.

    It is useful to use the C5.5 antenna to suite your cellular cameras. As the lead is 2m in length, allowing you to put it up a tree if signal is low at the camera height. It can also help to camouflage the camera since it doesn’t have an antenna sticking directly out of the top. An extra 2m in height might not seem like a lot but it can make all the difference when it comes to signal.

    The head of the antenna is 9cm tall and 5cm round. Some how it has more than twice the gain of most camera manufacturers antennas, depending on the company. Pick one up with your camera today!

    For more information on the C5.5 Trail Camera Antenna contact us today!

    1. The largest drain on your batteries will be caused by the cellular modem.
    2. Any loss of signal strength will result in a significant increase in power consumption.
    3. Increasing your signal strength will result in longer camera deployment time.


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