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C5.5 (Covert Antenna)


Compatible with Reconyx & Spromise cameras

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Country of origin Australia
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    The C5.5 Trail Camera Antenna is a small discreet antenna, making it perfect for covert installations. This is thanks to the lengthened lead that can wrap around the back or up a tree. Putting the antenna up the tree makes the camera less noticeable and creates a better path for the signal. The head of the antenna is 9cm tall and 5cm round. In means of signal, it has twice the gain of most other antennas.

    A common issue of quick battery drainage in cellular cameras is due to the cellular modem. When the cellular modem loses signal repeatedly it will continue to try and send the images or wait until it reconnects to send images. Which can cause a back log of images and put strain on the camera to send many images at once. The solution to this issue is using a stronger gain antenna, which the C5.5 is.

    The double sided tape is to aid in the installation of the C5.5, to keep the antenna in position.

    For more information on the C5.5 trail Camera antenna give us a call!


    1. The largest drain on your batteries will be caused by the cellular modem.
    2. Any loss of signal strength will result in a significant increase in power consumption.
    3. Increasing your signal strength will result in longer camera deployment time.