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Browning Dark Ops Security Box


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    Camlock is producing their own Browning Dark Ops Security Box. Protecting your cameras from theft can be a tricky scenario to handle, due to the location it is in. There are 2 courses of action possible if you have an issue with theft. The first is using security boxes and locks to strongly attach the camera to the tree. Using a python lock and security boxes makes it hard to hide the unit due to its larger size. The camouflage does assist in the hiding process to an extent. The alternative choice is to use a form of gillie tape to disguise the camera with a more natural look. Gillie tape is an effective defense against theft as long as it is hidden well.

    Following their usual style of security boxes it is compatible with python cable locks and padlocks to keep your options open. The security box is a bikini two piece as the front half of the camera slides into the back half. This design makes it possible to take the camera in and out while still pointing in the same spot. (Unlike competitors shoes box design).

    Manufactured with all steel construction to provide exact camera fit. The browning Dark Ops Security Box fits the whole dark ops range.

    • Powder coasted with a camo break-up paint applied
    • Helps to protect your camera from naures elements
    • Stops animals from chewing on your camera
    • Theft deterrent
    • Can be lagbolted, bungeed, or belted to the tree
    • Allows use of padlock or python cable
    • Manufactured By CAMLOCKbox
    • Please Note: Python cable lock not included.