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Spy High Extension Pole 2-4ft


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    Spy High Mounts 2-4ft extension pole is sold in the Spy High Complete mounting Kit, as well as sold individually. Each starting kit comes with 2 x 2 – 4 ft poles, this means you will have a reach of 8 feet excluding your height, from the start.

    There are 2 options in extension poles, this 2 – 4ft which comes standard in the kit. Or if you are looking for extra height there is a 4 – 8ft pole. These poles are an excellent asset to have just in case you need extra height. Each size of pole is attachable to each other to create the length you will need. The poles being connected to each other do not affect the use of the drill in the bottom pole.

    Below is a link to the complete starter kit and the 4-8ft extension pole. We recommend the use of only 2 x 4 – 8ft extension poles together.

    4 – 8 ft extension pole

    For more information on the Spy High Extension Pole 2-4ft contact us today!