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Dog / Fox Traps

Whether you’re looking for a rigid cage dog trap to suit domestic stray dogs and foxes, made in Australia to suit Australian conditions (manufactured at our Gold Coast factory), or professional dog trapping supplies like softcatch foothold traps, accessories, hardware & treatments, and lures and calls for dingos and wild dogs, PTS can help.

And be sure to check out our range of animal control and rescue products including Ketch-All poles, grabbers, bite sticks, throw nets and more, suitable for animal rangers and rescue organisations.

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48F Tru-Catch Collapsible Dog Trap

The Tru Catch 48F is a one piece trap that folds...

Fox Trap FSD440 Long

The FSD440 Long trap is the ideal cage trap for larger...

FSD440 Fox Trap

The FSD440 Fox Trap is the ideal cage trap for foxes...

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