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Cat Traps

Our range of Cat traps are manufactured in our factory right here in Queensland.  They have been designed specifically for catching Australian cats, both feral and domestic in Australian conditions. Professionals and Councils have been using these traps on a daily basis, year after year with excellent results.  As with all of the traps that we manufacture they are live catch, humane traps, this is extremely important to us, it is not the animal's fault for simply following its natural instincts.
If you are chasing domestic cats see the CSD310 which has options of standard, rear door or a clear rear door.  Or if you are chasing Feral Cats we would recommend the CSD440 our upsized cat trap or if you want a heavy duty trap perhaps our FSD440 is an option.
For customers who cannot use a cage trap, another humane option is the Victor# 1 1/2 foot trap.

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