Family Owned and Operated

Professional Trapping Supplies (PTS) is an Australian, family owned company that operates from our Factory Warehouse in Molendinar in South East Queensland. We have a small showroom and are more than happy to show you around, often customers on holiday come in to visit.

The company has been operating for over fifteen years and was the original importer of trail cameras into Australia.

PTS offers a wide variety of cameras that have been specifically chosen for the individual capabilities and qualities. Each camera model has been tested in Australia by us before we offer it for sale to you. Our product knowledge is the envy of our competitors and our after sales service is second to none. If you are the type of person that likes to know the product you are buying is fit for purpose and supported by a market leader in the industry you need to be buying from us.


Traps Manufactured in our Factory

PTS has been manufacturing traps in house for over 15 years. All of our traps are made by hand in our factory from quality Australian galvanised steel and components. We strive to offer the best, long lasting product on the market and in doing so are continuously experimenting with new designs and refining the manufacturing process. As we do manufacture our own traps we are capable of customising traps to meet your specific requirements. If you want a trap to work as you need and when required for years, you need one of our traps. If you think that a cheap imported trap will do the job for you we wish you luck.

We will only sell quality, trusted products and ensure that all of our products are HUMANE, and all of our traps are live catch ONLY.

At PTS we will do our upmost to provide our customers with our best prices. If you receive a better price, please tell us, and we will make every effort to better it.

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